Process of updating a Flash banner

9 01 2009

To update a Flash banner sounds simple enough however the process involves as many components as working on a small website. The resulting file size is small, but it doesn’t mean the process is easy to deal with. Most of the times when I work on banners, I forget one or two elements in the beginning which slows down the process down the road. (I know, I need to learn to like banners more…)

No matter how much I don’t like updating banners developed by other developers, they just keep coming back. So I figure I’d post the checklist of the necessary steps here in order to ensure smoother process next time.

[+] Assets. Make sure you have all the following to begin with. Believe it or not, this step takes longer than I expect every single time.
A. comp (.psd and/or .ai) and storyboards (.pdf or .psd)
B. font files (must be MAC or PC specific)
C. information on max file size (? KB)
D. information on max duration and number of loops
E. information on click through URLs (sometimes you don’t need the actually URL, instead you just need to include the clicktag code before publishing.)
F. .fla files (and which version of Flash IDE it requires.)
G. (if applicable) .as files

[+] Update the banner(s). This is always the easy part fortunately. 🙂

[+] Post the updated banners to a server so the less tech-savvy clients can check it out.

[+] Deliver the source files including
A. font files (must be MAC or PC specific)
B. .fla files (and which version of Flash IDE it requires.)
C. (if applicable) .as files