How to include Flash code packages (SWC) in Flex Builder (3)

10 06 2009

I like combining gs.TweenLite and fl.transitions.easing.* to do most of my animations. Here is how you can include the Flash AS3 library SWC in the Actionscript project library path. Step-by-step instructions are as following and also illustrated in the screenshot.

[+] In Flex Builder (3), select the Actionscript project you need to use the Flash AS3 library SWC in and edit its properties by right-click the name of the project.

[+] Select Actionscript Build Path and then the Library path tab.

[+] Click on the button that says Add SWC.

Refer to the screenshot. (I am on a MAC. the path to your SWC might be a little different.)





2 responses

28 12 2009

And what about runtime loading of external SWC asset libraries? Is there anyway of adding the SWC to the build path, but changing ‘merged into code’ to ‘external’ in order to have access to the library definitions when developing but without the library being compiled into your swf?

29 12 2009


Your sample looks pretty good. Can you show please how you use the Flash AS3 library SWC content from your code? If I understand right you use the Import statement, right?
import gs.TweenLite;
import fl.transitions.easing.*;
Is it possible to use a SWC as a RSL for the Flex AS project?

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