loading assets using SWCs (in Actionscript projects)

17 06 2009

Found a good article and discussions on using asset SWCs using Flash IDE:


How to include Flash code packages (SWC) in Flex Builder (3)

10 06 2009

I like combining gs.TweenLite and fl.transitions.easing.* to do most of my animations. Here is how you can include the Flash AS3 library SWC in the Actionscript project library path. Step-by-step instructions are as following and also illustrated in the screenshot.

[+] In Flex Builder (3), select the Actionscript project you need to use the Flash AS3 library SWC in and edit its properties by right-click the name of the project.

[+] Select Actionscript Build Path and then the Library path tab.

[+] Click on the button that says Add SWC.

Refer to the screenshot. (I am on a MAC. the path to your SWC might be a little different.)