YooStar – the next Wii?

8 01 2009

[UPDATE] Somebody just posted the CES opening video clip on Youtube. I have embedded it at the end of this post for your convenience.

This is absolutely amazing. YooStar just made its debut @ CES today. Personally, I think YooStar could be the next Wii and many families will soon have the YS systems in their living rooms and/or bedrooms and grandparents will buy these for their grandchildren as birthday gifts.

What is YooStar? If you are familiar with the concept of “Karaoke”, you can think of YooStar as “movie-oke”.

With Yoostar, you can insert yourself into famous movie clips with minimal efforts, right in your living-room. From what I have read on the site, the package comes with a (video) camera, a green screen, and software which you can install on your PC or MAC. You can pick which role you want to perform in which movie, the camera will record your performance against the green screen, then the software will insert you into the movie clip and even upload it to a website for you to share with your friends. Check out the keynote speech video (starring the CEO of CES) here. More about the price and details here.

The concept is simple and fascinating, isn’t it? I think so. But does it mean the product will be a guaranteed success? Hard to say before we look at it more closely. Similar products had come and gone before. The video creation station got lots of attention at first but you just don’t hear about it any more. I think whether Yoostar will be a success depends on the following:

[+] If the system actually works. We haven’t seen the real product yet, so we don’t know if the hardware and the software works yet. In my opinion, it doesn’t need to be as sleek as iPhone, but it needs to be (close to) as easy as AIM. Compatibility with different OS-es and platforms is also key.

[+] PR and advertising efforts. Since they are already out @ CES, I have no worries here.

[+] Selection of movie clips. Users need to have easy access to almost all the movies just like how iTunes is offering all the songs. This will assure the system is actually interesting to everybody, at all ages.

[+] Social media aspect. The site where the users can share their performances needs to be a YouTube plus some features of Facebook. I imagine users will continue using the product only when they start acting competition among family and friends. Again, this is still unknown to me.

As I am writing, YooStar is getting a lot of attention from the press. If everything works out, we’ll be seeing the system for sale in BestBuy in 3 to 4 months. I cannot wait.




2 responses

12 04 2009

this would be great for newbie actors to practice with or people who have great imagination. Im game for it.

21 04 2009

Basic green screen technology. Would do once to test looking silly but what would I do after that?

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