3D WALL component – suggested features

27 05 2008

Recently discovered this cool component called 3D wall. Very creative visual effects with lots of customizable parameters. Does anyone agree with me that PicLens got the good reviews because of its similar take on the visual presentation?

I think stuff like this will become popular in the next 5 or 6 months, when more and more people find out this effect and want to do something “just like this”, and when clients finally find out to move forward with AS 3 and Flash Player 9 is not as scary as they might have thought. So I started playing with the component. Here are some of my findings:

[+]ease of use. It just worked after I installed the extension, put it on the stage. No extra work, no warnings, no errors. Grouping the params in component inspector really helps.
[+]flexibility. Yes, all customizable parameters I played with worked as expected. Good job, FFF.

After having played with the 3D Wall component for a while, I found these features I wish 3D Wall could offer:
[+] the ability to add more params to the img node in the XML file. For instance: “name”, “date”, ”author”, etc. (I know ways to work around it, but why not make the feather readily available to programmers?) It could potentially offer so much more flexibilities.
[+] the ability to add visual elements to the thumbnails.
[+] brief metadata display upon mouse cursor roll-over, such as the name, date, author, and etc. See the item below for suggesttion.
[+] the ability to play a short clip within the thumbnail frame when mouse cursor is over the thumbnail. (similar to how it is on http://www.budbowl.com/Index.aspx) Maybe the API could dispatch the rollover event with a Rectangle object and a Matrix object, that represents the location and transform of the current thumbnail image.
[+] when zoomed in (the larger view), the ability to go to the next thumbnail without having to zoom out then back in.

All of the features are not hard to implement. It is just a matter of providing a better API for relatively advanced user. Let’s stay tuned to see if the next version of the 3D Wall will implement the features. 🙂




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