something fun on web 3.0

16 04 2008

Here is a great post on the top 10 made up words of Web 3.0. I am giving my opinions/predictions on the ideas and the words as following. I might be wrong on a lot of them, but who knows?

1. Socialstainable – absolutely agree. The idea and the word should be popular. No doubt.

2. Viruseful – somewhat agree with the idea, not sure about the word itself. I measure viral marketing initiatives by its effectiveness, not usefulness.

3. Scrollax – disagree and disagree. I love pages that don’t force me to scroll. As content, who wants to be below fold?

4. Emotrics – thumbs up, but maybe in Web 4.0. Thumbs up to the idea and the word. However I think it is too soon for the dollars to go to the emotional side yet. People might be interested in more perceivable measurements for a while, although I hope I am wrong.

5. Blickroll – no comments, because I don’t really know Rick Astley songs.

6. Intercommunes – yes but maybe later. Internet is still just part of the life. People still do things offline, a lot. Hopefully that day never comes but I need to prepare myself for it.

7. S’more Locater – absolutely happening. 800-goog-411, anyone?

8. Twiggles – fun. I like the word and it makes sense.

9. Grokment – sweet. Should become hot very soon. 🙂

10. Facehook – brilliant. I can definitely see it happening.

To replace “Scollax”, I wanna add “gooOS”, Google’s Operating System, a web-base all-in-one virtual machine, free to anyone, accessible from everywhere (with internet connection). 🙂 Looking forward to it. Thanks David.




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