AVM2 traces

26 10 2007

I encountered weird run-time trace statements in an AS3 project, but couldn’t find any useful documentation online. Thought it might be worth posting here.

Some key words from the trace output are listed below, none of which made sense to me till I read the AVM overview on adobe.com.

2:setslot 8
4:abs_jump 513636267 25
14:constructsuper 7

I now know the weird trace showed up because another developer on the same project and I were using different versions of the same package / class in different parts of the same app. I am guessing the AVM2 freaked out because it couldn’t resolve the conflict between versions. However the trace didn’t really tell me that (at least I didn’t understand what it was trying to tell me).

I have attached the trace output here. The class com.company.project.audio::StreamingFlvAudio class extends com.AS2CodeLibrary.media::UIVideo class, which extends flash.display::Sprite class.




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