Stack Overflow Error in Eclipse and/or Flex Builder 2 ?

2 10 2007

I did a stupid thing restarting my PC while everything was working fine. After Windows restarted, I double click the Eclipse icon as usual, an “internal error” window popped up. The message basically tells me it is a “StackOverflowError” as the following:

A stack overflow error has occurred.
You are recommended to exit the workbench.
Subsequent errors may happen and may terminate the workbench without warning.
See the .log file for more details.

Do you want to exit the work bench?

The error keeps showing up no matter what I have done. And I don’t have too much time to explore. I have attached the .log file for more detailed information. If anyone knows what is happening, please let me know. Thanks.




One response

18 09 2008
Chubby Panda

Hi, I’ve been experienced that one too. This bug occured after I add a Flex Library project in order to generate an swc file. After doing some googling I’ve found this solution.

Move your physical Flex Library Project folders to other place and after that open your Flex Builder and delete the those projects from the workbench. It won’t delete the real file since you’ve moved it. Hope this way works for you too.

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