AS3 problem – Flex compile error

23 08 2007

I came across this issue today. Hope the following blog entry helps.

I created a subclass of MovieClipAsset, which had to link to some graphics created by Flash. So I had this code in the subclass:
[Embed(source=”./swf/items.swf”, symbol=”item”)]

However, Flex keeps giving me an error on this line, saying “unable to resolve ‘./swf/items.swf’ for transcoding.
I tried to move the swf file and replace the code with the following:
[Embed(source=”swf/items.swf”, symbol=”item”)]
[Embed(source=”../swf/items.swf”, symbol=”item”)]
Both gave me the same error message.

The final solution was to have this:
[Embed(source=”/swf/items.swf”, symbol=”item”)]
and it is working fine.

I couldn’t find documentation on this issue. But I guess that is how it works. Let me know if you have any comments please. Thanks.




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