Manifesto – Interactive Section

25 06 2007

Section, 剖面,截面:Representation of a solid object as it would appear if cut by an intersecting plane, so that the internal structure is displayed. In design-related fields, sections are widely used as 2-D drawings to represent 3-D space or object. 横断面固体被交错的平面切割后,显示出其内部结构的表现形式。在设计中被广泛用以二维的图来表示复杂的三维物体或空间。

Interactive, 交互,互动:Acting or capable of acting on each other. Often used to refer to human-computer interactive in digital era. 互相作用的或者能够互相作用的。在电子时代常指人机互动。

Sections represent the inner, while interactions respond to the outside.


This weblog is about me, micro-me and macro-me.





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